The Brasserie

The Brasserie, Schiphol AirportMy goto place at Schiphol airport is The Brasserie. Not necessarily because it is exceptionally good, but because it is a step up from the fast-food/bar/cantina food found elsewhere, and it is right on the path I usually take.

Today’s selection is Pasta Pesto with pine nuts and basil.Pasta PestoThe pasta was definitively not home made, but it was still ok, because it was not cooked to a pulp. Pine nuts and basil add much wanted texture to the dish. The sauce is rich and tasty, although a bit fatty and prone to separate in the bottom of the plate. Topping it all of, is a generous helping of Parmesan cheese, although it is powdered, not freshly grated.
All in all, a simple, filling, but ultimately unimpressive meal.

For dessert I went with the Dutch cheese on rye with apple syrup.Dutch Cheese It is very difficult to screw up the taste of cheese, when served pure as this. The order and progression of cheeses is acceptable. I don’t know a lot about cheese, but I know what I like :). The selection was a youngish cheddar-like cheese, followed by very good and mature edition of the same. The crown jewel was a nice, salty Parmesan-ish cheese, with huge crystals making the entire block both crunchy and savory at the same time. The last cheese was a white, almost tasteless goat cheese, served with red berries.

Having looked at the cheese selection in the delicatessen next door, I would guess the good cheese was a Reypenaer XO Reserve. I was missing some kind of blue and/or soft cheese, but overall a good selection, perfectly complemented by the juicy rye bread and apple syrup. The dessert was not fantastic, but a better experience than the pasta.

With a large beer the total bill was €32.60. Not cheap, even by Norwegian standards. But I figured that this would be my last meal for 24h, so it might as well be a double meal…