I’m Leaving On A Jetplane…

… but I do know when I will be back again.

Fokker 100Today, I’m spending 24h travelling, going from Trondheim, to Amsterdam, via Bangkok, and ending up in Taipei around this time tomorrow. The first leg is KLM’s cityhopper on a Fokker 100. The overnight flight is a KLM Boeing 747-400 Combi.boeing747

Actually, it is quite relaxing. I have a long enough stop in Amsterdam to avoid having to run to keep my connection; instead I can have a comfortable dinner break. And the plane going east leaves at a convenient time for me to have a good night’s sleep, instantly tricking my body into accepting the new timezone (UTC+8).

Learning from experience, I will stay away from the half-cooked airline food. The only challenge is keeping my iPhone sufficently charged to stay entertained. But in any case I have brought a few magazines/books, sudoku, and my freshly aquired Chinese grammar.

A trip to Taipei

I’m taking a trip to Taipei between February 16th and June 6th.

I have enrolled at the Mandaring Training Center/National Taiwan Normal University to study Chinese for one semester. I hope this will give me a solid foundation for understanding Chinese.

I do not have a lot of plans yet, but as I am staying over 3 months, I guess something interesting will happen. I will blog about my effort to learn Chinese, and about life in Taiwan.